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Ba Ba Ha Ha - Child's First Book
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September 10, 2010
by Cayanne Ramuten from Asheville, NC

My 8 week old loves this book! She started getting interested about 2 weeks ago. She loves to look at the faces, especially the "Kiss Kiss" face. Thanks!

July 6, 2010
by Julia w from n, PA

I'm in the middle of getting my CDA! For homework this week I had to come up with 10 childrens books. Ba Ba Ha Ha is one of the ones I picked. I use this book with my two year old's in my classroom. This book is one of my favorites!

February 24, 2010
by someone who wishes to remain anonymous

I have a 3 mos old son, Eli. We introduced the book to him about a month ago, and it never fails to produce smiles -- sometimes even laughter! It's magical! There is something about the sounds and the images that really speak to him, and as a therapist, I find it fascinating. Thank you!

December 2, 2009
by Tom Carroll from Springfield, MO

My name is Tom Carroll we recently purchased 20 copies of BaBaHaHa for the Parenting life Skills Center(Springfield Mo).

I have been working in early childhood for 25 years and have been using your book since it came out
I have had only 2 copies, one which was read and eaten by my kids and falling apart.

I always share with the families that I have worked with that my son could read BaBaHaha with me when he was 10 months old.
Presently, I have a home visitation program for new moms and I teach (bonding/attachment) Baby and 1 year old classes with "high risk" families
I use BABAHAHA as part of my curriculum.
Getting parents to read to their infant- a book Like Hoban's Black on White doesn't give the parent anything to read Ba Ba does even low literacy parents can "read" your book.

I have been contacting other early childhood programs and promoting this book.

I've given most of mine away so I am working on some way to get more.

Thanks for what you have created.
I really believe that it is the most developmentally appropriate book there is for young children.


January 29, 2009
by someone who wishes to remain anonymous

So glad to see Ba Ba Ha Ha is back! I bought my copy when my first was a baby (11 year-old now) and it survived two siblings a nephew and several friends--now it is in several pieces and I needed a new copy for our fourth child (a 5 month old). I also plan to purchase copies for my friend and sister-in-law. It is such a great book--hope you do more like it. Thanks for bringing it back!

January 16, 2009
by someone who wishes to remain anonymous
from Salt Lake City, UT

Hi Mr. Zimm,
Attached are a couple of pictures of our hand-me-down (x7 cousins) books, and in behalf of the VanWagenen sisters, thank you so much for these incredible books.

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