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Ba Ba Ha Ha - Child's First Book
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You can send me a story along with a picture here. This gives you the option to have your story published right here at the website.
You can contact me by email here. This is just a simple email form for you to use.

Zimm Publishing!
Zimm Publishing is located at my house!
5 Spooks Branch Ext.
Asheville, NC 28804

Do you live near-by? Save the cost of shipping and stop by for a visit. I'd be happy to see you and glad to sell a book from the front porch!

Want to talk on the phone? Okay! The phone number is 828-252-4773!

At FaceBook...
I'm a FaceBook novice, but I went ahead and started a Ba Ba Ha Ha GROUP there, just to see what might happen. Right now, I'm all alone in there!
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